Personal Gallery Rental
All personal galleries are rented for the remainder of 2021. The schedule for 2022 will become available late September. 
The Small Gallery rental rates are:
  • Gallery 1, Upstairs Back, $100/month

  • Gallery 2, Up Front Inside, $75/month

  • Gallery 3, Up Front Left. $75/month

  • Gallery 4, Up Front Right, $75/month

After making your rental payment, you will receive a rental contract for you to sign and return to us. The contract to rent the gallery will be complete when we receive your signed contract.

Here are several important documents:

An example of a Gallery Rental Agreement
Personal Gallery Inventory Form
detailed drawing showing dimensions for each gallery.

Start Date
End Date
Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 4
Mike Thompson
Sara Kimber
Rep. Art League
Rep. Art League
Sheila Nelson
Jonah Simmons
Rep. Art League
Rep. Art League
Redwood Camera Club
Redwood Camera Club
Redwood Camera Club
Redwood Camera Club
Victoria Ziskin
Katalina Prince
Board Curated
Doug Freie