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Our Accessibility Journey

The RAA Accessibility Fund is dedicated to making our gallery accessible to individuals of all physical capabilities.

Want to make a difference? Any donation will help make an impact for people of all abilities.

The primary purpose and intent of the Redwood Art Association Accessibility Fund is to expeditiously raise the necessary funds to install a chair lift, making it possible for disabled and mobility-impaired to enjoy full access to the second-floor galleries, benefiting all whether they're members, donors, guests, or volunteers. All donations received will go toward that end goal and to increasing all levels of accessibility at the RAA. The challenge and opportunity are significant.

In 2012 the RAA purchased and renovated a Classical Revival building at 603 F Street in Eureka, designed in 1925 by F.T. Georgeson, to serve as a headquarters and exhibition space, open to the public. Those coming to our gallery with physical disabilities or mobility impairments have not been able to access gallery spaces on the second floor easily or at all. Other ADA compliant renovations have been made or are currently underway to allow people of all abilities to fully engage with every aspect of our organization. Personal gallery spaces, restrooms, and entry/exits have been upgraded as we work within our funding and staffing limitations to achieve accessibility results and embrace greater inclusivity.

The need for this access is acute. Senior citizens, many of whom experience mobility impairment to some degree, represent a good portion of the RAA’s members and visitors. At present, some docents are unable to access the building’s second-floor exhibition spaces making it difficult to provide volunteer staffing. Since all personal gallery spaces that are available to rent are located on the building’s second floor, the installation of a chair lift will mean that all RAA members and guest artists will be able to enjoy unhindered access to exhibition opportunities. Purchase and Installation of a chair lift at the RAA has been estimated to cost $135,000. (2022)


We ask for your feedback as we evaluate ways to accommodate all of our members and public and our overall accessibility policies.

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