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Mission and Vision

Our Vision
The Redwood Art Association is a community dedicated to the creation of art as an important and indispensable part of life and the economy of Humboldt County.


Our Mission
Our mission is to serve our artists and their art by providing resources for exhibitions and education. The Redwood Art Association rallies resources for the promotion of art as a valuable asset in educational, social, cultural and economic development. We provide leadership to inspire the use of these resources for the creation of leading-edge possibilities to enrich our community.

Our Values
The Redwood Art Association is a community of artists and supporters who value art as an essential component of every aspect of our culture. We are a community that acknowledges and supports its members, nurtures artistic creativity, provides innovative and leading-edge ideas to inspire its members, dialogs and collaborates with its membership and other communities, and believes in positive action to create results.


To advance our mission, we will:



  • Create and communicate a sense of vision that represents our membership.

  • Network with other organizations, businesses and governmental agencies.

  • Tell the world of our intent to be a destination point for lovers of the ARTS.


  • Have a permanent gallery space to accommodate large exhibitions for our members.

  • Grow a sound financial base.

  • Increase our membership numbers to create a greater voice within our community.

  • Continue to build an experienced, talented, energetic and creative Board of Directors.

  • Relate to young and emerging artists.


  • Focus on the total experience of art, both creating it and enjoying it.

  • Create venues that enhance the art experience.

  • Provide a leading-edge vision of art in our community.

  • Reach out, collaborate and cooperate.


  • Create conditions that establish success for exhibitions, sales and production of art.

  • Create workshops, lectures and presentations that enhance our appreciation of art.

  • Promote artists and their value to the world.

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