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  • Why did you change the RAA Website?
    Over the years, in order to serve our amazing members, RAA acquired a set of separate technology tools to support our mission. Consolidating these technical solutions to reduce costs, improve capabilities, support our volunteers and better serve our membership was an important driver. Staying solvent and providing opportunities for our members during the pandemic drove the implementation of online exhibitions, and addition of touchless services to keep our community of artists safe. Our hope is the new website provides a modern, flexible technical solution to support our core mission: enable community outreach and collaboration, and make life at the RAA more transparent.
  • Why am I getting emails from RAA when I opted out of email communication?
    RAA has recently upgraded our website and communications systems to better serve our members and the community. We felt is was important for everyone to receive the communication about connecting with the new website. We would like to encourage you to allow us to periodically send you email communications. Sending physical mail incurrs additional time and cost for volunteers that could be directed towards our membership, gallery and community outreach. Those who wish to be excluded from future annoucements may click the unsubscribe link at the end of any of our communications.
  • How do I activate my member account for the first time?
    If you are a current RAA Member you already have an account on the new RAA website. Important items to note: All current RAA members are already registered on the system. Current RAA members should have received a customized email on July 27th containing: your RAA Registered email address and information about the new member functions. Your RAA Registered email address is the email that RAA currently uses to send you communications. These instructions will guide you through establishing your member connection.
  • What is my RAA Registered email address and why is it important?
    Your “RAA Registered email address” is the email that RAA uses to send you communications. This is the email that you should use to log into the member area of this website. Using this email is important to ensure that you are properly connected to your membership plan and can access member-only capabilities.
  • How do I renew my membership?
    Your existing membership level and renewal date can be viewed by visiting the Membership page and clicking Check My Membership Status. (you will be prompted to log into the system). If your membership is Expired simply return to the Membership page, then select and purchase a Membership level of your choice!
  • How do I sign in?
    Click on the Log In bar in the top right hand corner of your screen and follow the prompts.
  • How do I partner with RAA?
    As part of our mission, RAA is interested in partnering with like minded museums and art organizations in the area that contribute to community outreach and education. To understand more about us, please visit our About Pages. To contact us please use our Contact Form!
  • How do I become a board member?
    RAA is always looking for qualified RAA members to join our working Board of Directors. To learn more go to the Board Of Directors page. On this page you can read about our working board of directors and view our organizations by-laws. If you wish to be a Director, please complete this form and email to
  • How do I become a member?
    To become a member of the Redwood Art Association go to the Membership page and select the plan that is best for you. The website will guide you through your account activation, membership submission and payment. Once you have paid for your new membership, you will be eligible to receive your Member Benefits.
  • When will I be able to volunteer again?
    The gallery will open for the Fall Exhibition! Entry day for Fall exhibition is on August 21st! A Volunteer page is now available on our new website.
  • How do I volunteer as a Gallery Docent?
    Go to the website navigation bar and click on the word “Volunteer”. The Volunteer in the Gallery page will display. This page contains a list of volunteer opportunities! To volunteer as a docent click the Volunteer Now button on the Gallery Docent line. You will now be prompted to select an opening. Find the date you wish to volunteer and click on it. A box on the right side of the screen will populate with your choice. Click the Select button and it will take you to another screen that will ask you to confirm your details and “Book It”. You should receive an email sent to your RAA Registered Email Address containing the details of your volunteer day. Additionally, you will receive a reminder email prior to your scheduled day that contains instructions for entering the gallery!
  • What are my responsibilities as a Gallery Docent?
    The Gallery Docent manages the visitors to our member run gallery. This includes welcoming new visitors, answering questions, providing information about our association and helping with purchases. To view a short video on "how to be a successful docent" go to the member resources page: Member Resources | Redwood Art Association | Eureka
  • Are there additional volunteer opportunities?
    Recurring volunteer opportunities are listed on the Volunteer page of the website. These include Gallery Docent, Entry Day, Hanging and Arts Alive Docents. Since RAA is a completely member run organization, we need support from our members in many areas. If you are interested in volunteering to support RAA in some manner other than the recurring opportunities, please complete the Volunteer Availability form. In this form you can tell us other ways you can help operate our amazing organization!
  • How do I enter the code to get inside the gallery?
    You will be given the 4 digit code prior to volunteering via email. How to Open and Disarm the Alarm Using the keypad on the door, enter the four-digit code. As you punch in each number a red light will show. When the light turns green, you can unlock the door by turning the knob clockwise, or to the right. You have 120 seconds to get to the internal keypad. To get to the keypad, enter the main room, turn right immediately and turn right again. You will face the wall and there is the keypad. Enter the four-digit code. Give it a few seconds and the screen will read “Ready for All On.” How to Close and Set the Alarm On the internal keypad, depress the “All On” key. You will have 120 seconds to exit the building and lock the door. Leave the building, close the door. Enter the four-digit code onto the keypad. As you punch each number a red light will show. When the light becomes green, turn the knob counterclockwise, or to the left. As soon as it is engaged, STOP. If you keep turning, the door will unlock.
  • How do I buy art online?
    You can buy art from the “ on the website. View the gallery containing the work you wish to purchase. At the bottom of the exhibition description box is a link “Purchase Art”. Click on this link and complete and submit the displayed form. Our Gallery Sales Manager will contact to arrange payment and pickup of the chosen art.
  • Where do I find the schedule of upcoming exhibitions?
    Go to the website navigation bar (or for Mobile the three stacked lines), and move your cursor so it is over the word “Exhibitions” in the navigation bar. You will see a drop down menu. Select “Upcoming Exhibitions” and a table will appear that displays the scheduled upcoming exhibitions.
  • How do I enter an exhibition at RAA?
    To enter online you will use the online entry form on the RAA website. This can be reached in a few ways: Go to and complete the form. You can also enter the upcoming show from a link on the RAA home page If you are not able to submit your entry online, we will have paper forms available at the gallery on entry day. On Entry day: 10 am to noon: For individuals who have prepaid online. Bring art work and payment receipt. 1 pm to 3 pm: For individuals that are not comfortable using the online entry process, and will complete a paper entry form
  • How do I photograph work to attach to the online entry form?
    View the YouTube video "Photographing Fiber Art" under for photographing 2-D and 3-D art. This video explains lighting, cropping, and submitting.
  • How do I prepare my 2-D art for exhibition in the RAA Gallery?
    For a video showing how to attache a wire to a frame go to: Member Resources | Redwood Art Association | Eureka For information on attaching wire to a picture frame go to:
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