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New Year Exhibition 2022

An in-gallery judged exhibition

in Honor of Roy Grieshaber

Exhibition Poster

January 19th - February 11th

Rules Governing the Exhibition
Online Entry: Friday, January 7th - Friday, January 14th at 8:00pm.
Entry Day: Saturday, January 15th
Pick-Up Day: Saturday, February 12th

Judge: Jesse Wiedel

Jesse Wiedel was raised in a rural community outside of the central valley town of Redding, California. After spending his young life gaining inspiration from the cultural wastelands, he eventually migrated to the city and received his degree in painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. He has spent the last twenty-five years making art in Humboldt County, California—fertile ground for his interest in human folly and frailties.

Jesse’s paintings can be read as satire, social criticism, or psychological horror. He works mainly in oil paint, in a style that is both illusionistic and painterly. Jesse has also performed in many garage/punk bands since 1983, a practice that has also informed his artworks.


Best in Show:  Patrick Garcia  Oak Grove, Tish Tang;  First Place:  John Jameton  Alder Point, CA;  Second Place:  James H. Marks  Redwood Root

Award of Merit:  Karen Merry  Petroglyphs Three rivers, NM;  Eric Mueller  Slaughterhouse Floor;  Janine Volkmar  Trinidad Nude;  John Jameton  Harris, CA;  Steven Taylor  Twilight

Honorable Mention:  Sara Kimber  Green Rose;  Doug Freie  Judgement of Paris;  Pat Durbin  Artichoke

Note:  please contact the artist directly for any enquiries regarding the artwork displayed in these Historical Exhibitions.

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