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A judged exhibition with awards

Exhibition Poster

October 21 - November 13, 2020

Rules Governing the Exhibition
Entry Day: Saturday, October 16

Judge: Scott W. Prior


Best in Show: Kjerstine Jennings: Twilight

Rachel Schlueter: Stuffy in Bell Jar

Erica Brooks: Vampira

Note:  please contact the artist directly for any enquiries regarding the artwork displayed in these Historical Exhibitions.

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Purchase Art

If you would like to purchase a work of art, please use this form to send a message naming the artist and the title of the work of art.

Please include your phone number.

The RAA will help facilitate your purchase with the artist.  Thank you!

Thanks for submitting, an RAA Staff member will be in touch! Click the "View Gallery" link above to return to the gallery.

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