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North Coast Lens 2022

An in-gallery judged exhibition

Online Entry Form

July 20th - August 19th

Rules Governing the Exhibition
Online Entry: Friday, July 1st - Friday, July 15th at 8:00 pm
Entry Day: Saturday, July 16th
Pick-Up Day: Saturday, August 20th

Judge: David Arnold

David Arnold began the pursuit of photography as a means of discovery into our world. He is committed to photography's mission to inspire and reveal the extraordinary in ordinary places.

With over 40 years of experience in photography as a photographer and photography educator, David Arnold has photographed people, landscapes, and architecture on all seven continents. Each photograph illustrates his visual fascinations with light, color, shapes, forms, and the beauty which hides in unexpected places.

David Arnold's photography has been published and exhibited internationally in numerous venues. He received the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship for his photography book, Situations, and has taught photography and art at multiple levels including in the MFA Graduate Photography Program at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco."

David Arnold's photography is featured at:


Watch the July 20th NCL Judges Talk

 1st Place: Matthew Marc Fluke  Ex Votos;   2nd Place: Diana Minton  That Morning On the Playa;  3rd Place: Jeff McCallay  Chengdu East Railway Station;  Redwood Camera Club Founders Award:  Diana Schoenfeld  German Memories with Children, Rose, Bird and Shell

Excellence in Experimentation:  Bryanna Ahlf  Untitled

Award of Merit:  Myra Kahan  Shades of Nashville;  kjerstine jennings  Metal; Brooklyn Willett The divine feminine and the patriarchy 2; Alison Pritchard Razzmatazz; David Callow Down the home stretch; Martha Meade Guess which one's me!; Robert Cavalli  Julia

 Honorable Mention: Mary Ann Machi Drowsing Dowitchers; David Boston Grain Elevator; Tom Boyer fern canyon troopers; Sharon Falk-Carlsen Water and Lights; Robert Cavalli Transition

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