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North Coast Lens
Online Entry is now closed

Option 1: Enter online and pay in advance with a credit card. 

Option 2: Enter online and pay in the gallery

Resources to assist with online entry


Technical Help Sessions July 8-12

If you would like help with the online entry process, for this Exhibition we can provide assistance in completing the Online Entry submission via a telephone, Zoom or in-person session.  To request a Help session during the week of Online Entry please write to    To prepare for the Help session please have ready: 1) your phone/tablet/laptop, with good digital images of the works you intend to submit.  2) credit card for payment, if you wish to pre-pay your entry fees. 

Let's Work Together

We are respectfully requesting our members, if at all possible, to submit exhibition entries online. This increases the readability of your information, improves the accuracy of the gallery tags, and reduces volunteer time in establishing our physical and online gallery. We have heard our members concerns, so in an effort to make online entry easier, we are adding an option to enter information online but pay in the gallery. 

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