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Food & Drink Exhibition

An in-gallery unjudged member exhibition

Exhibition Poster

February 16th - March 11th

Rules Governing the Exhibition
Online Entry: Friday, February 4th - Friday, February 11 at 8:00 pm
Entry Day: Saturday, February 12th
Pick-Up Day: Saturday, March 12th


Arcata Pizza & Deli Gift Certificate:  Cheryl Peterson Rau  Chard Rainbow;  Arcata Pizza & Deli Gift Certificate:  Steve Lemke  Life is...;  Libation Wine Bar & Shop Gift Certificate:  Doug Freie  Pizza for Three

 Wine Cellar Bottle of Wine:  James H. Marks  Sipping Port;  Arcata Pizza And Deli Gift Certificate:  Amanda Morrettini  Sushi Time

 Mia Bella Cupcake Gift Certificate:  Jeff McCallay  Beijing Olympic Park Service;   Wine Cellar Bottle of Wine:  Jon Exley   Jane's Tomatoes

Note:  please contact the artist directly for any enquiries regarding the artwork displayed in these Historical Exhibitions.

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