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Redwood Art Association - 65th Spring Exhibition

A judged member exhibition

Exhibition Poster

March 15th - April 14th

Rules Governing the Exhibition
Online Entry: Friday, March 3rd - Friday, March 10th at 7:00 pm
Entry Day: Saturday, March 11th
Pick-Up Day: Saturday April 15th

Judge: Michelle Ohm

It was such a pleasure to see and experience all of the work in the Spring exhibition.  The first thing I noticed is the range of work and skill level within the show.  Some you could tell were at the beginning of their journey in art making and were experimenting with their various media.  Others took my breath away with their advanced skills in painting, sculpting and photographing.  I loved that all were welcomed and celebrated within the gallery space and community.

The exhibition showed how there are many interpretations of spring. I saw landscapes and florals, of course, but there were also works about emerging from grief, the passing of time, feminism and cycles.  I’m so impressed with these artists and how much they give to their craft.

Thank you again for having me!



Best in Show  Adrienne Werth  Gregourdian Chant;  First Place:  Pat Durbin  Miniature Redwoods;  Second Place:  Sara Kimber  Mid-day;  Third Place  Yvonne Jarrett  Fall;  Fourth Place  Sheena Ruchte  The Fourth Tree

Best of Spring  Elsie Mendes  Peace and Quiet;  Best of Photography  Barrie Love  The Gaze

Award of Merit  Jon Exley Into the Rockies;  Victoria Ziskin  Nature’s Paintbrush;  Beth Gin  Pink Perfection;  Sheena Ruchte  The Dress Form;  Carrie Cline Standing Proud;  Eric Mueller  Marmalade Sunset at Forgotten Dock;  Thomas Bethune  Misty Tree House;  Baladev “Dave” Barry  Trail 647;  Doug Freie Shout Out;  Christine Connerly  Raven at Ma’le’l Dunes

Honorable Mention   Jay Brown  Lightning Fire;  Maggie Fratkin  Crown of Flowers;  Beth Cline  Goddess Kali;  Doug Freie  That Which was Left Behind;  James Hawley  MacArthur Lake;  Jan Hollander  Look up!;  Janine Volkmar  Bear River Spring

Note: please contact the artist directly for any enquiries regarding the artwork displayed in these Historical Exhibitions.

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Purchase Art

If you would like to purchase a work of art, please use this form to send a message naming the artist and the title of the work of art.

Please include your phone number.

The RAA will help facilitate your purchase with the artist.  Thank you!

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