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Redwood Art Association - 65th Fall Exhibition

A judged member exhibition

Online Entry Form

August 23rd - September 29th

Rules Governing the Exhibition
Online Entry: Friday, August 11th - Friday, August 18th at 7:00 pm
Entry Day: Saturday, August 19th
Pick-Up Day: Saturday, September 30th

Judge: Linda King


Best in Show  Karla Kaizoji Austin Southern View from Cape Arago;  1st Place  Jon Exley Mussel Up;  2nd Place  Kjerstine Jennings  Hopeful;  3rd Place  Timothy Baum outside the box; 4th Place  Steve Taylor  Maple Creek Road

Best of Photography  Jeff McCallay  Bird Cages Tongli;  Best of Fall Adrienne Werth  Transcendental Levitation

Award of Merit  Terryl Lee Allen  Fracture;  David Boston  Harvested Wheat Field;  Myra Kahan  Moonstone Beach and Camel Rock;  Eric Mueller  "Lost My Train of Thought";  Christopher Grimes  Summer at The Lake;  John Jameton  Fir Trees;  Sam Poplewko  Reconnect Again;   Stilson Snow  For the Moment

 Honorable Mention  Diana Minton  Eat at Roy's;  Julie Hodge  Faceless; Jay Brown  2 Mallets;  Letha Blair  Reflections in the Stream;  Amanda Morretini   Klamath Fog;  Vaughn Hutchins  Western Juniper / Self Portrait

  Note: please contact the artist directly for any enquiries regarding the artwork displayed in these Historical Exhibitions.

Purchase Art



If you would like to purchase a work of art, please use this form to send a message naming the artist and the title of the work of art.

Please include your phone number.

The RAA will help facilitate your purchase with the artist.  Thank you!

Thanks for submitting, an RAA Staff member will be in touch! Click the "Gallery" link above to return to the gallery.

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