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2023 Arcata Airport Exhibition

RAA is issuing this invitation to members of the Redwood Art Association

The show will run from June 12, 2023 until May 31, 2024.

Online entries are closed.

There is no theme for this exhibition.  


Two works can be entered by each artist. All works will be included in the exhibition so bring your best! Frame and Mat color are not restricted for this exhibition but please make tasteful choices for a public venue!  RAA reserves the right to deny submitted artworks inappropriate for a public venue.


All work needs to adhere to RAA format listed below:


2-D Artwork Information

  • Your entry should be at least 16” x 20”. Larger images are encouraged.

  • Attaching wire to your frame:

  • Braided wire, aluminum, non-stretch cord, non-stretch plastic or coated wire, hereafter referred to as “wire”, must be used. No string or rope should be used.

  • Attach D-rings not eye hook fasteners for the wire about ⅓ of the way down from the top of the frame. Wind the wire tightly at least four times after running through the hangers. If possible, wrap ends of wire in such a way that handlers are not cut by the sharp edges. Electrical tape is a material that works well.  The apex of the wire when pulled taut should be two inches below the top of the frame. Do not use saw tooth hangers or spring clips.

  • Non-skid material (or bumpers) on the corners will help reduce movement and protect walls from scuffing.


3-D Artwork Information

Pedestals: we have pedestals with protective plexiglas covers at the airport.  We encourage you to go to the airport and look at the different sized pedestals so you will know the sizes that you can submit.


Terms of Artwork Sales

RAA will take a 30% commission for each sale (to be split with the airport) so take that into consideration when you price your work. We will be listing the prices for the art in the exhibition, or NFS, each artist is responsible for sales. If the work needs to be mailed out of the area, the artist is responsible for packaging and mailing costs. When a sale is made the artist needs to replace the art with a similar sized piece, so we don’t have to rehang the exhibition.


Installation Day Plan

Currently, plan on bringing your work to the Arcata Airport Monday June 12th between 10 and 12 am. If the date slips due to outside influences there will be an announcement to that effect as far in advance as possible. We will have release forms available on intake day and will make up title cards from the forms to finish the install on the 13th.


Click HERE to review the Exhibition Agreement / Release Form.  

You will complete this agreement during Installation Day at the Airport.


Online entry to this Exhibition has Closed.


Questions?   Please write to us  if you have any questions on the exhibit or filling out the online entry form.

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